Welcome To AstroBirdz

AstroBirdz is a revolutionary NFT platform that introduces the idea of interactive rewards and passive income simply by holding your NFT! Additional income can be generated by using your NFT in a play-to-earn game!

Who Are AstroBirdz ?

The AstroBirdz are humanities avian space warriors! Orbiting in the NFT Energizing Space Terminal (N.E.S.T.) at the world they serve. They engage in defensive combat to protect their world from incursions and offensive missions to raid other worlds.

They are no ordinary birds as you may have guessed. Using NFT nanotechnology they can be morphed and upgraded with unique abilities and earning characteristics.



Until now, the utility of NFTs has mainly focused on one of three areas: artwork, memorabilia, or gaming. We are introducing a novel application of NFT technology: rewards-based NFTs that generate passive income and have unique rewards features, simply by holding! As if this wasn’t enough, the NFTs will also be usable in a P2E gaming format.


Every AstroBird starts as an egg! Holders will have to stake the egg until it hatches into a baby AstroBird. Baby AstroBirdz can be fed $ABZ tokens which activate earnings at a basic APY. Feed until the Nano-Tech gauge is full and your bird matures to the next level! When feeding the NFTs $ABZ tokens, a percentage is used to replenish the rewards pool and some is burned to positively impact the chart.

Our Main Features


AstroBirdz NFTs will be available to mint or for purchase on our marketplace. The NFTs can be morphed with special attribute NFTs with various rarity levels to enable your bonus rewards. For example, some special attribute NFTs will allow holders to earn token reflections. Other reward possibilities include (but are not limited to) reduced buying and selling taxes, entering community contests, and receiving periodic airdrops.

NFT Morphing Ecosystem

Every AstroBirdz NFT can be morphed with a special attribute NFT, which creates a new F-NFT (fractionalized NFT). The previous two NFTs get burned, increasing the scarcity for the holders. The newly morphed NFT will contain all the attributes, items, and all the information of the previous two NFTs. Each Special Attribute NFT will have a rarity level of Unique, legendary, rare, uncommon, common.


AstroBirdz introduces a staking program which works within a tiered system. The more native $ABZ tokens you stake, the more eggs you receive at the marketplace launch. But make sure you stake early, because there is a limited supply of eggs reserved for staking!

Token Distribution & Tokenomics

Here you will find all the details regarding our tokenomics and token distribution.


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  • 3% Liquidity
  • 3% Marketing and Development
  • 1% Team
  • 3% Manual Buybacks
  • 1% Passive Income (PSI) rewards ($ABZ holders will be getting the 1% PSI Rewards)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

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  • Initial total supply: 470,000,000
  • Private sale: 7.65%
  • Presale: 34%
  • Liquidity: 20.35%
  • CEX listing: 10%
  • Manual burns: 28%
  • 53% supply reserved for NFT and staking rewards

AstroBirdz Roadmap

Introducing our roadmap which will take our token to the next levels.

Q4 2021 (Incubation Period)

- NFT and marketplace development

- Build social media presence

- Marketing and influencer collaborations

- Presale on PSIPad

- Launch on Pancake Swap and PSIDEX

- CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings

Q1 2022 (Hatching)

- NFT release

- Staking rewards

- Marketplace launch

- Game development

- Continuing to grow social media presence

Q2 2022 (Learning to Fly)

- Game launch

- Partnership with Bird Charities

- Major marketing initiatives

Q3/Q4 2022 (Badass AstroBirdz Warrior)

- New gaming and rewards features

- Partnerships with tier 1 projects

- iOS and Android game development

- CEX listing (top 5)

Our Documents

You will find all the useful documents here. We will keep updating this section as we grow.

AstroBirdz Team Members

We are proud to have an awesome team. Each individual is highly experienced in their respective fields.

Ali CEO/Marketing Head

Astro_phoenix CFO

CryptoDavied Communications Director

Prentiz Media Manager

James Creative Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I buy AstroBirdz?

AstroBirdz ($ABZ) can be bought on PancakeSwap and PSIDEX. Please set slippage to 12% - 14%. Click here to buy AstroBirdz on Pancakeswap. Click here to buy AstroBirdz on PSIDEX.

2. Is the team Doxxed?

The AstroBirdz team has a partnership with Passive Income whose team (including CEO and developer) is fully doxxed. The AstoBirdz team has been KYCed with Passive Income.

3. What is AstroBirdz contract address?


4. Is Buyback automatic or manual?

Buyback will be manual and random.

5. What is 1% PSI Rewards in the Tokenomics?

As a result of AstroBirdz partnership with Passive Income (PSI), 1% of taxes collected from buy and sell transactions of AstroBirdz $ABZ will be used to market buy PSI tokens, which will then be rewarded to $ABZ holders.

6. How do I see my PSI rewards?

Simply add PSI token address to your Metamask or Trustwallet and you're ready to receive passive PSI tokens. PSI's contract address - 0x6e70194f3a2d1d0a917c2575b7e33cf710718a17